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What’s Rubber-soled Shoes

What’s Rubber-soled Shoes
Update Time:2017-07-27

What’s Rubber-soled Shoes

Rubber-soled shoes give a less formal appearance. Many rubber-soled shoesare performance-oriented, for specific sports or casual occasions. Rubber-soledshoes were first designed for mountain climbing. In 1936, Italian mountainclimber Vitale Bramani developed the rubber sole, influenced by the Pirelliautomotive tire. The rubber sole was designed for traction.


Benefits of Rubber-soled Shoes

While less formal and traditional, rubber soles have comfortconsiderations. Podiatrist Arnold Ravick of the American Podiatric MedicalAssociation states a typical men's leather sole weighs about five poundscompared to the 2-1/2 pound rubber sole. Running shoe soles weigh weigh only 10ounces, on average. Rubber soles absorb a greater amount of shock due to theirflexibility.


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